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About Us: Our Story

We are an entrepreneurial family living between Puerto Rico and the diaspora. We sell high-quality and affordable apparel and accessories that help you share your love for Puerto Rico!

What is the meaning of Ay Bendito?  It is just an expression, bendito means blessed, is like saying "Oh my Gosh". In that context maybe so, otherwise Ay Bendito can mean a plethora of things. It is used commonly amongst Puerto Ricans and we seldom hear it used amongst other Latinos. The phrase is used in pretty much every situation to denote sympathy or frustration, or simply a lack of words. To little kids when they trip and fall we say Ay bendito, or Ay (Dito). Or simply when they look to cute we say it. To people acting wimpy or puerile one could use Ay Bendito. When out of frustration one does not wish to curse, one could say Ay bendito, or when someone is expressing their feelings and/or emotions one could say Ay Bendito in reply. Or when upset with oneself when one does something wrong or out of place one could say Ay Bendito. Or simply when you hear of some not so pleasing or sad news one could say Ay Bendito.

I’m sure you get the picture that this word is widely used for pretty much anything and every situation. We use it Everyday , but today there is another Ay Bendito! Our beautiful Island was devastated by Hurricane Maria and like many other puertorricans we were forced to join the diaspora. We realized that we could build a brand that represents our love for the Puerto Rico no matter where we are. We thought it could be a fun project to spread the Ay Bendito message worldwide and maybe at the same time, we could make a little extra money. The puertorrican are resilient people and Maria will not destroy our spirit. The translation for resiliency in Spanish is simply : “Cria”. We have the “cria “

Ay Bendito is a brand that promotes all of the good things to be a puertorrican.Your purchase will help us build a stronger Puerto Rico. Yo soy Boricua Pa que tu lo sepas!